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Hans Zimmer

From his humble beginnings with Rain Man to his reign as captain of his own empire, Hans Zimmer is an enigmatic and often polarizing figure in the film music community.  We take a listen to his music and learn a bit about the man and the controversy that surrounds him in this episode of FrameTrax.

He has won two Oscars and four Grammys and has been nominated for three Emmys and a Tony. Zimmer was also named on the list of Top 100 Living Geniuses, published by The Daily Telegraph in 2007.[1]

His works are notable for integrating electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements. Since the 1980s, Zimmer has composed music for over 150 films. He has won two Academy Awards for Best Original Score for The Lion King (1994), and for Dune (2021). His works include Gladiator, The Last Samurai, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Man of Steel, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and No Time to Die.

Zimmer has collaborated on multiple projects with directors including Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Ron Howard, Gore Verbinski, Michael Bay, Guy Ritchie, and Denis Villeneuve.


Rain Man


Black Rain

True Romance

Pirates: At World’s End



Crimson Tide


Radio Flyer

Man of Steel

Thin Red Line

Days of Thunder


The problem with Zimmer is, you just don’t know what you’re gonna get.  Life is like a box of chocolates and all that.  Unlike say, a Jerry Goldsmith or John Williams, you aren’t getting a sure thing when you buy a Zimmer, so I made it a policy not to buy unless I was sure it was a score I’d enjoy

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