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John Williams: The Sequel 

My first episode of this podcast was the John Williams episode, since he has always been my favorite.  Recently, I revisited that first episode and re-recorded it to improve the sound quality.  While doing so, I remembered that I had always intended to do a second episode on Williams, since I barely touched on the over 100 scores he’s composed.


Krypton Intro from Superman

JAWS – Main Theme 

JAWS – Tourists on the Menu

Star of Bethlehem

The Adventures of Han

Liberty Fanfare


The Mission

Swing, Swing, Swing

Space Camp

Schindler’s List

Heartbeeps Crimebuster



According to legend, when Williams was trying to score the end sequence to 1982’s ET for Spielberg, he was having a hard time matching the edits on screen.  So, the story goes, Spielberg turned off the projector and asked Williams to just conduct the song the way he felt was right.  Williams did, and Spielberg re-edited the movie to match Williams’ work.  Perhaps that’s why his ending cue is so spectacular.

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