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In this special episode, it’s my first countdown!  We’ll listen to some of my favorite scores of all time, from Ennio Morricone to John Williams, this time on FrameTrax. 

Track Listings

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Morricone

Last of the Mohicans – Jones 

The Incredibles –Giacchino

Rain Man – Zimmer

Star Trek: TMP – Goldsmith

Titanic – Horner

Lethal Weapon -Kamen

The Big Blue – Conti

Apollo 13 – Horner

Back to the Future – Silvestri


Track Listings

Interstellar – Zimmer

Conan the Barbarian – Poledorious

Masada – Goldsmith

TRON Legacy – Daft Punk

Lord of the Rings – Shore

Batman –  Elfman


Track Listings

The Land Before Time – Horner

ET – Williams

Indiana Jones – Williams

Star Wars –  Williams


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